Generate demand

to grow revenue

Accelerate growth with the Elevate marketing program. Focused on finding and reaching targeted accounts and contacts, crafting multi-channel marketing campaigns to engage customers and book customer meetings. 



We build your lead generation engine to generate demand

3+ months

Get the right marketing channels to attract more customers. Generate as much customers and revenue as possible via digital marketing. Optimize the marketing budget needed to scale the business. These tactics and more are are tackled in the Elevate program to generate customer demand. 


We set the foundation of your lead generation engine. Build your account and lead intelligence. And create your content and campaigns to engage, nurture and convert customers for life. 


At the end of the first three months you’ll have a validated go-to-market strategy, targeted account and lead intelligence and an installed account based lead generation engine to start growing demand. As of the 4th month you can expect clear growth of qualified leads, opportunities and customer meetings. Key results are measured by:

  • Traffic growth, clickthrough rate and bounce rate
  • Content and customer engagement
  • Channel conversion rates (lead sources)
  • Pipeline value €/$ and opportunity rate
  • Revenue in €/$ and growth %
  • Customer Lifetime Value in €/$ and % growth
  • Customer Acquisition Costs and ROI 

For who?

Startups who have a validated value proposition, a growing number of (self-acquired) customers and want to accelerate customer growth to expand their customer base.

Elevate program

3+ months
7,250 per month, ex. vat
  • +7% commission fee (sales)
  • Growth marketing team
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Ideal customer profile
  • Buyer personas
  • Account and lead database
  • Content strategy and calendar
  • Inbound content assets
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Marketing analytics dashboard

Program Contents

The first stage of three months is focused on setting up your demand generation; customer intelligence, inbound and outbound messaging and marketing channels. In the next stages, your demand generation engine is further built, improved and optimized to attract customers for life most efficiently. 

Stage 1

Setup demand generation and first launching campaigns


Stage 2

Build lead generation, nurturing and growth experiments


Stage 3

Improve quality of leads, opportunities and conversion


Stage 4

Optimize demand generation to maximize return on investment

MONTH 10-12

Go-to-market and intelligence

We finetune the go-to-market, setup account and lead intelligence to prioritize the right accounts and contacts. We prepare a content strategy to address customer challenges and engage early in the customer journey.

To reach the right customers most likely to buy, using the right messaging and channels most likely to convert. That’s your customized go-to-market strategy. It includes buyer segments, ideal customer profile, buyer personas and customer journey, solution, features, benefits, differentiators, value, proof, channels, pricing, revenue and customer acquisition costs. At the end of the program, you have a personal, validated customer-winning strategy, proven in practice.

We want to know customers and revenue generated by marketing. Therefore, we setup detailed key funnel metrics upfront, from prospect to customer (growth) by channel, to measure by week/month/quarter/year.  It includes number of customers, conversion rates, opportunity pipeline and revenue ($/€), retention rate and number referrals. It allows you to benchmark and keep track of the return on investment (ROI 3>1).

To land wannahave (enterprise) customers, we build a list of company accounts to dive into in more detail. We distinguish top (A) accounts, B- and C-accounts, based on an account scoring model. It’s tailored to your buyer segments and ideal customer profile. Account intelligence includes, amongst others, industry verticals, end buyers, applied technology, competitors, revenue, funding, DMU, (department) headcount and updates. It will direct our account based marketing efforts to let the best customers come to you first.

To put most of your efforts to the customers who are ready to buy, we setup lead intelligence. We collect contacts for account based marketing outreach and qualify leads by a customized lead scoring model. Lead scoring includes, amongst others, a score on relevance of the company account, industry vertical, applied technology, current solution, job title, seniority level and scoring related to his/her behaviour exploring your solution. This way, we handover those contacts to sales that are ready to evaluate your solution. The customers that come to you, should be the ones you want to meet.

To let customers come to you, we address the customer’s problem and educate them with content. The content strategy includes questions and needs of your buyers in the different stages of their journey. The strategy includes overall messaging, content topics and content tactics (e.g. articles, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, pitch deck, demos, testimonials). The calendar contains a mix of frequent short-form copy and a steady stream of educating long-form copy, including content promotion channels, content engagement goals and performance, content planning and ownership. 

Content and campaign design

We create profiles and outlines to start copywriting (like case studies or whitepapers) and design marketing campaigns and growth experiments based on best practices in lead generation and account based marketing.

Build and measure channels

We build and run marketing campaigns and experiments, organize the marketing channels and setup customer tracking and analytics to measure best converting channels. 

The Team

Your marketers team

Your Growth Marketing Team consists of

  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • Content marketer
  • Designer (UI/UX)
  • Digital marketer
  • Data analyst

Marketing Operations Center

  • Data enrichment and web research
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Social media
  • Data analytics

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