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to get noticed

Be ready for growth with the Jumpstart marketing program. Get your product marketing up and running,  focused on creating and validating the value proposition. You’ll have the right messaging in all your marketing collateral and online channels to get noticed. 



We build your product messaging to get noticed

3 months

What are the most important triggers in the proposition? What’s the competitive edge in the proposition from the customer’s point of view? Which benefits and features are most important to customers? And which value proposition sells best? These topics and more are covered in the Jumpstart program.


We create the messaging to stand out from the crowd. Build your ideal customer profile. And iterate to validate and implement your value proposition across all your channels.


At the end of the program you’ll have a validated value proposition, product positioning and messaging, refreshed online channels and marketing collateral. It makes you ready to fuel customer interest if you want to prepare a leadgeneration engine. Key results are measured by:

  • Traffic, statistically relevant visitors to validate the proposition
  • Bounce rate limitation and content engagement rate
  • Conversion rate of prospect to lead (first customer engagement)
  • Qualification of customers attracted based on opportunity rate

For who?

Startups who have a compelling solution, trusted by a couple of customers and want to start selling their product or service online.

Jumpstart program

3 months
6,750 per month, ex. vat

Program Contents

The three months of the Jumpstart program is focused on multi-testing and validating the value proposition; fully understanding the customer, crafting a competitive value proposition answering the customers need and implementing the right messaging across all company marketing channels.

Customer understanding

  • Customer market segments
  • Market size (TAM/SAM/SOM)
  • End user and DMU
  • Full life cycle use case
  • Solution and key features
  • Benefits and differentiators
  • Proof and reasons to believe

Value design and activation

  • Create market proposition brand name and visual
  • Write product/service messaging and pitch
  • Create market proposition slide deck
  • Create market proposition landing pages

Implementation messaging

  • Company website
  • Social media channels

For example;

  • Pitch deck
  • Onepager

Start getting noticed today