Grow anywhere

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Accelerate growth with the Skyrocket marketing program. We find and reach your targeted accounts and contacts. Craft multi-channel marketing campaigns leading to customer engagement and booked meetings. 


We grow your infrastructure to scale demand

3+ months

What are the best scalable marketing channels for international expansion? How can we improve customer retention and referrals? What’s the marketing budget needed to scale to a specific region or industry vertical? These topics and more are tackled in Skyrocket to drive revenue growth.


We grow and automate your infrastructure for demand generation at scale. Verticalize and localize your messaging and channels to grow your reach. And implement retention and referral programs to leverage existing customers.


At the end of the program you’ll have a validated roadmap for international growth, an automated marketing technology infrastructure to scale online and an installed customer retention and referral engine. Key results are measured by;

  • Traffic growth, bounce rate, clickthrough rate
  • Content and customer engagement
  • Channel conversion rates
  • Pipeline value and opportunity rate
  • Revenue growth €/$ and %
  • Retention rate and number of referrals 
  • Customer Lifetime Value in €/$ and % growth
  • Customer Acquisition Costs and ROI

For who?

Startups who have product-market fit, a growing customer base and want to grow exponentially, international, at high pace

Skyrocket program

3+ months
8,750 per month, ex. vat
  • +4% commision fee (sales)

Program Contents

The first stage of three months is focused on readiness for international growth; an international roadmap, an automated marketing technology infrastructure to scale and leverage the existing customer base. In the next stages, your growth engine is further built, improved and optimized to grow anywhere. 

Stage 1

International roadmap and implement marketing automation


Stage 2

Scale lead generation, nurturing and growth experiments


Stage 3

Improve quality of leads, opportunities and conversion


Stage 4

Optimize demand generation to maximize return on investment

MONTH 10-12

Roadmap for expansion

We support completion of a go-to-market roadmap for (international) expansion, set the targets from prospect to customer growth and further improve and automate the account and contact database to leverage account and lead intelligence.

  • Customer market segments
  • Value proposition
  • Solution and features
  • Marketing channel strategy
  • Partner strategy
  • Pricing and revenue model
  • Marketing cost structure
  • Setup company account
  • Setup analytics tools
  • Setup contact tools
  • Setup key metrics on dashboard
  • Setup buyer personas

Smart content and localization

We localize the messaging and existing content to new regions and new industry verticals. We setup and automate smart content management and inbound lead and nurturing campaigns. And we enable smart content management to match account and buyer journey needs.

  • Website migration
  • Setup content tools
  • Plan out content strategy
  • Setup the social media tools
  • Setup the email tool
  • Create conversion path
  • Setup lead nurturing workflow

Campaign automation

We build and run first marketing campaigns in the marketing automation tool. We finalize the implementation of the marketing technology infrastructure. And we start setting up retention and referral programs to start growing the customer base from within. 

  • Develop a local SEO strategy
  • Setup and launch automated lead generation campaigns 
  • Setup and launch automated lead nurturing campaigns

Your Growth Marketing Team consists of

  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • Content marketer
  • Designer (UI/UX)
  • Digital marketer
  • Data analyst
  • Web developer
  • Marketing operations

Marketing Operations Center

  • Data enrichment and web research
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Social media
  • Data analytics
  • Virtual) Events

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